Our services alongside companies

Leave companies free to dedicate time and resources to increasing their business without worrying about order management and at the same time offering marketing support for the refinement of sales activities. All this at reasonable prices. Following are the services offered by Supporting China.

Logistics services

Supporting China offers companies a complete logistics service, punctual and without surprises, which includes all the operations of loading, unloading and storage of goods, packaging and labeling of products, printing (packing list) and preparation of orders, the management of any returns and Amazon FBA and Ebay support, inventory and destruction of damaged or unsold products. Stop in time and resources normally distracted by logistics operations, this is what Supporting China takes care of.

The services of the category at a glance:

- Loading, unloading and storage of goods.

- Product packaging and labelling.

- Packing list printing and order preparation.

- RMA management.

- Amazon FBA & Ebay support.

- Waste management according EU directives.

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Commercial services

Increasing the company business by increasing the presence on the web means betting on a winning horse. This is why we support companies in the refinement of online sales techniques thanks to web marketing and social management strategies specially designed and implemented.

The services of the category at a glance:

- Reference market analysis and development of sales networks.

- Keyword analysis and research - Consulting for site positioning (SEO).

- Construction of websites and web shops.

- Digital marketing and management of social media & CPC campaigns (google ads).

- Market place support .

- Fiscal and legal support for company openings.

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Product research and development

Research and customization of products to meet the specific needs of each company, together with the analysis of product opportunities and the reference market demand. A plus of value for companies with special requests.

The services of the category at a glance:

- Research and customization of products according to specific requirements.

- Analysis of products opportunities and market demand.

- Sampling and testing evaluation with clients.

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For companies, the delivery of orders is an important phase of interfacing with their customers, which is why we take care of their speed and accuracy by choosing only qualified partners to whom to entrust the goods.
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Our strengths

Professionalism, experience, versatility, reliability and speed. Supporting China is the ideal partner to support companies in order management, in the growth of their business and in the research and customization of products.

360 ° services

Our support to companies is complete and professional, with services that satisfy every single request for a 360 ° coverage.

Free first consultation

The first contact is always free and it is essential to establish the specific needs together with the client company and establish the intervention points.

Competitive prices

Our services are always professional, offered at competitive prices but never at the expense of quality. Test us!


Order management, from taking charge to fulfillment, is accurate and fast thanks to our solid network of transport companies


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